• Testimonials

    Janet was very helpful and a delight to work with. Her efforts to ensure clarity of the brief were very welcomed. She was very clear about what she would deliver and exceeded that. I was impressed with her professionalism and highly recommend Janet to anyone looking for professional standards and successful delivery of the project.

    David Deane-Spread


    Janet was easy to get on with, was very understanding and communicated well. The final product was delivered on time and on schedule. I would certainly work with her again!

    Dr. Darryle G Cross, PhD
    Leadership, Personal Coach, and Psychologist


    Janet provided an outstanding piece of work. I am thrilled with this writer, she offered many exciting ideas and suggestions, and writes expertly.

    Winsome Coutts
    Personal Development Specialist


    Janet was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism and ability to take my ideas and script and turn it into a teen book was inspiring. I will certainly work with her again in the future!

    Deborah Vogel
    Director, Institute for Performance Studies


    Janet was able to quickly synthesize my company’s service offering, the goals for our team, and our company culture into a wonderfully written piece. She made the process completely painless and was the consumate professional when interacting with my clients and staff.We were under heavy deadlines and were amazed at Janet’s ability to over-deliver.  Janet even took the time to assess areas for improvement in the overall efficacy of my website. I look forward to completing my website make-over with Janet’s input and would strongly recommend her services many times over.


    Blanca Lesmes
    CEO, B.B. Imaging, Diagnostic Ultrasound Services

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