• Six Sure-Fire Ways to Connect with Your Customers

    by  • October 1, 2012 • customers

    HandshakeHow would you like to find more ways to connect and build relationships with your target audience? Interested in building a bridge from you directly to your clients’ needs?

    Writing is the core of many marketing strategies and knowing which one to use and when can improve your results dramatically. Do any of the following sound familiar?


    Outcome: I want to be looked at as an expert and go-to resource.
    Solution: A blog

    A well-written, personality-filled blog is difficult to resist. Especially when you provide your audience with the information they want and need. This is also a wonderful way to showcase products or services and help readers solve problems that you or your company can help with.


    Outcome: I want to convince my market to use product A or to employ my services.
    Solution: A white paper or a case study

    A white paper is a marketing tool that provides your audience with detailed, research-backed material. The goal of the white paper is usually to convince or persuade an audience to do or buy something. These papers are longer and more complex than a brochure, and provide your audience with real substance.

    A case study is another option. This tool is powerful when you want to settle doubts, reassure clients, and/or target a particular group or industry. Using examples and actual words from real clients adds a personal touch that can settle lingering questions and concerns and cinch the deal.

    Outcome: I want someone to check out my website or contact me for more information.
    Solution: A brochure

    A hard copy brochure is the standard answer to getting word out about your business. Short enough to be scanned quickly and long enough to provide pertinent information, a brochure is usually considered a must-have marketing tool.

    A well-run blog is also a great (digital) way to achieve this goal.


    Outcome: I want to provide my audience with of all the necessary information they need to know about my company.
    Solution: A website

    A business website is essential. And not just because everyone uses the Internet. Just think, people can learn about your company at any hour of any day. They can reach you on their smart phone, from work, or from home. A website today is what an entry in the Yellow Pages was in 1985.


    Outcome: I want my audience to know more about my business and how it runs.


    I want my audience to know more about me, who I am, and how I conduct business.
    Solution: A business or personal profile

    A profile is the best tool to use in order to provide your audience with a detailed snapshot of your company, its history, and the direction it is headed in. Personal profiles of key company members may or may not be included.

    If you are an individual running a business or showcasing your particular talents, a personal profile provides information your audience wants to know about you before deciding whether or not to do business with you. A concise, interesting, reader-focused profile will make you more accessible, more real, to your audience.


    Outcome: I want to introduce a new product or service.
    Solution: A press release

    Press releases are commonly used to introduce something newsworthy about your company. Whether you hired a new VP or are now offering a new line of products, a press release gets your company’s name out to the public. Although a good press release will show your company/product in a positive light, the main job of a press release is to provide information to the general that public.

    This is only a sample of the types of business writing your company can use to connect with your desired audience. Just a few more ways Just a few more ways you can market your company, increase your bottom line, and achieve your goals.


    Janet Rucka-White is a freelance writer and Austin based blogger.