• Services

     Marketing Audit

    The marketing audit is perfect for companies that aren’t sure what steps they need to take in order to improve their marketing chops! The marketing audit includes:

    • A thorough review of your website and social media strategy
    • A written report complete with action steps you can take to improve your content marketing. This will include both  short term winning strategies as well as long term goals.

    From there, you can implement changes yourself or work with me to achieve your marketing goals.

     Content Marketing Packages

    A combination of content strategies designed to create a stronger realationship with your audience and start the funneling process that eventually leads to sales.

     Other Writing Services

    • Article Writing/Brand Journalism
    • Annual Reports
    • Business Blogging
    • Case Studies
    • Corporate Newsletters
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Report
    • Informational Website Writing
    • Informational Website Refreshes
    • White Papers

    Contact me for a free consultation about your marketing needs.



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