• Portfolio

    I write for national companies, online businesses, start up companies, self-growth institutions, magazines, and pubic and private education institutions.

    Here are a few of my favorites.

    Copywriting & Editing

    Website copy for B.B. Imaging, a medical sonography company

    Website copy for Inix, a food-safe, plastic manufacturing company

    Website copy for Qobe Group, a training and development company

    Case Studies

    B.B Imaging Case Study

    Qobe Group Case Study

    Blogging (Health)

    Anti-Smoking Campaign Doesn’t Mess Around

    Extremist Muslim Doctors Do More Than Heal

    How Do We Feed Our Children?

    Ignoring Natural Remedies

    How to Talk to Kids About Sex

    Are Doctors Super-Human?

    Blogging (Mental/Behavioral Health)

    Food Additives, Hyperactivity, and Common Sense

    Does Having ADHD Mean Doing Poorly In School?

    The Science Behind Impulse Buying

    Discovery of Sexual Side Effects of Spanking Won’t Change Minds

    Article & Feature Writing

    The Best Little Candy Shop in Texas
    A brief profile about Big Top Candy Store in Austin Texas.

    New Design Trends: Honesty with a Twist of Funk
    A feature article about interior design trends with input from 3 area designers.

    How Green Do You Travel?
    Research-based article explaining sustainable travel terminology along with suggestions for earth-friendly travel.


    I have been a ghostwriter for many projects. A description of some of the most unique follows:

    • UK-based therapy blog representing over 25 mental health professionals.
    • A short e-book presenting self-help principals with real life narratives and self-guided activities to solidify the lesson presented in each chapter.
    • Adopting a manual and e-book written for adults to one suitable and interesting for teens. Final manual was 136-pages long complete with graphics, activities, supplemental material, and real life narratives. Whole-class activities and teacher explanations were also developed to supplement the material. The topic of this manual was related to the biology of the brain and optimism.
    • A published print book written for young teens on controlling their thoughts. Real life narratives and fun, tween-appropriate activities throughout the book were included.
    • A 53-slide Powerpoint presentation for teens on the topic of choosing values.

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