• How to Show Clients that Your Consulting Services *Really* Work

    by  • December 7, 2012 • Case Studies, Copywriting, Small Business

    Although a company may not bat an eye at spending a few hundred dollars for business cards, new software, or a great leather chair for their lobby, paying for a service received may cause some pause. Sometimes, it’s much easier to spend money on things you can touch and see everyday.


    This is one of the difficulties consultants and coaches face when approaching new clients. You know that your client will “get” something – a new direction, mindset, managing style, office dynamics – but they may be hesitant. After all, there is no shiny item in a shiny bag.


    How to Convince People that You are Worth It


    It’s up to you to convince potential clients that you can and will make a difference to their organization. You must convince them that the money they spend on you will make their organization stronger and more able to operate effectively. You must convince them that you know how to do whatever it is that they are hiring you for. You must show them that you’ve done it before so they can entertain thoughts that yes, you can do it again.


    There are a few ways to do this:


    1. Your past clients can spread (true) tales of your wonderful value and expertise.

    This is the best type of marketing! When it works, it works and is invaluable. The problem is that people are busy and promoting your services may not be a top priority. Or maybe you are trying to secure clients in an industry, region, etc. that doesn’t overlap with your fan base.


    2. You can tell the potential clients how great you are.

    This works sometimes, too. You are able to convince them from your initial conversations that you are the professional to help them out. When this works, it’s great, too. But, in reality, people oftentimes want unbiased proof. After all, there’s a lot of cynicism when it comes to believing what a seller has to say.


    Then there’s the 3rd way to do this. A simple, painless, honest, and efficient way to sell your services straight from the mouths of people who have worked with you.


    Cue drum roll…


    Here it is…. the wonderful, convincing case study.


    Case studies are particularly useful for consultants because a former client is vouching for you. They are basically backing you up, saying:


    “Yes, the consulting work paid off.
    Yes, we saw results.
    Yes, our company morale is better.
    Yes, the company operates smoother.
    Yes, we make more money because of the consulting services.”




    Along with published evidence of your value from a happy customer, a strong case study can showcase concrete examples of how your consulting services improved the bottom line of a real company. Consider focusing on benefits such as:


    • How your public speaking coaching helped your client obtain expert status leading to new business.
    • The ways that your mission and vision statement planning sessions provided direction that motivated a company to make wiser, quicker decisions leading to more revenue.
    • The leadership training you led that allowed top executives to work more efficiently expediting business growth.

    So next time you feel as though you need substantial proof to back up your sales pitch, consider a well-crafted case study. By asking the right questions and interviewing the right company, your case study can help people see how your services are like that shinny thing in the shinny box – valuable, useful, and worth every penny.

    If you are interested in learning how you can use case studies to help increase your client base, email me and let’s talk.




    Janet Rucka-White is a freelance writer and Austin based blogger.