• Are you 100% satisfied with your marketing plan?

    If you answered no, let’s talk.

    Businesses need strong, consistent marketing plan in order to increase profits. Yet, all too often marketing directors and owners say something like this–

    I just don’t have the time and/or manpower to create all the materials I need.

    We spend a lot of time and money on marketing but it’s not making the difference we predicted it would.

    We market our business but we don’t really have a plan.

     Sound Familiar?

    If so, don’t worry–

     As a Content Marketing Writer, I Can Help.

    Your business provides a service or product to a particular audience.

    Quality, relationship-based marketing is simply letting your audience know this by providing:


    Right Information

    to the

    Right People

    in the

    Right Format

    I know that you respect your clients and want to provide them with clear, valuable information. You are developing relationships, not simply selling widgets.

    I get that.

    Let’s make sure your customers do too.

     One Last Thing…

    Before I type my first word, I make sure that I understand your company and your audience. Only then do I use my arsenal of words to create effective marketing content.


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